Hi! I’m Christine

I’m an interior designer and architect. I’m really passionate about supporting homeowners like you create your dream space.

I’m also Norwegian – and one thing everybody knows about Scandinavians is we love our home comforts, and I’m all over that!

In Denmark, the notion of ‘hygge’ has sparked a global interior style – and a way of living. The Norwegian version of this is koselig

Matt, my (very British) husband, says I say it A LOT. There are other names for the same sentiment throughout Scandinavia too. It’s just built in to us. Like we all have a cabin…it’s just a THING. For me, nothing resonates more than when you have things around you made with passion and craft. They can still be elegant and refined. But there is love there.

We work hard at making our homes the perfect space: functional for our lives and beautiful for our hearts. And I work hard at helping other people achieve just that for themselves.

KVIST Boutique has been my dream since I started working for myself seven years ago. If not (subconsciously) before.

I actually dreamed of a brick and mortar shop/office, where I could work on my projects surrounded by beautiful things for passers-by to pop in and browse over a coffee and a chat.

In fact, there was this empty shop on Whiteladies Road in Bristol that I used to walk past every day and I used to say ‘that’s my shop’!

Lockdown really made me think about what is important and how I can make things happen, rather than just hope for the day. So, I have decided to launch my shop here and now (you can still find me for a coffee in Farnham if you like)!

Christine Skaar Sample Book Diamonds

All the items you find in the Boutique I’ve found and curated as a collection…and every one comes with my 100% guarantee that I’d place it somewhere in my own home. And some come with photo evidence too!

The mission behind KVIST Boutique is to lift up the talented (and genuinely lovely) artisans whose products line our virtual shelves. It gives me the greatest pleasure to represent these independent makers and connect them with a wider audience. For many it is their first foray into online sales – having felt unwelcome and faceless elsewhere. When a maker joins our little community it is just that. A community. We know each other and there is a real human to sort out image sizing problems and help process orders. The site is run be me, supported by a small team of other equally passionate independent entrepreneurs.

So, when you invest some time in browsing, and hopefully some of your hard earned money in buying through the boutique, you are supporting a whole ecosystem of small business owners. The makers, me and my family, and my awesome team who have helped build and run the boutique. In turn, we support the makers. It’s a nice little roundabout to be on!

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