Hands up if you start humming Jingle Bells in early November. I actually surrendered and put my full blown Christmas playlist on the other day (hey, it was a stressful day at the office!).

Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of year (alongside spring, summer and autumn – but then I’m one of those people who finds excitement in an empty shoe box). But there is something super cosy and warm about winter setting in, the promise of decorating and putting lights on a tree.

What I missed most last year, buying my presents online and trying to shop local without really finding what I was after, was the experience. It felt really distant and transactional. So this year I hope you can get out and about – but I also offer you the opportunity to find some real gems here, on the Boutique. Faces. Real people (not elves – sorry). There are stories here behind the products that you can tell your friends and family. All our makers wrap, package and post their creations direct to you with love. And you can tell when it arrives that it’s not just another Amazon delivery.

Below are some Christmas themed decorations and gifts – but do also have a good look around to find the right thing for the right person!

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