Classic / Transitional


Love Studio McGee Dream Home Makeover on Netflix? Me too. I binge watched both seasons *almost* in one sitting!

Although we don’t have ‘Great Rooms’ or 8 metre ceilings here in the UK as standard, this style does also really suit our Georgian and Edwardian properties. They do tend to have bigger, brighter and more square rooms than older period homes. They also have the perfect amount of heritage features.

This is a great style for you if traditional feels too heavy and ornate but you like panelling, upholstery and mixing materials.

Think elegant, with contemporary lines and warm textiles. Add in well crafted ceramics and beautiful glassware. Use a few pieces of classic or modern furniture as an accent. For a clutter free look, keep accessories to a minimum and embrace being intentional about what you have on display. It’s important to let the furniture and the textiles do the talking.

Take advantage of area rugs, throw pillows and blankets to accessorise. Curved furniture and finishes like wood, rattan, steel, and lacquer are common elements which bring the space together.

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