Dot is a Scottish artist living and working in London, with her studio based in Deptford. I first met her at a craft fair where she was exhibiting her beautiful relief tiles.

Dot has a BA in Fine Art Sculpture and an MA in Creative Media Arts. She enjoys historical research and exploring narratives though sculptural interpretation and installation, which adds a layer of storytelling to her pieces.

Using traditional sculptural practices, Dot’s work considers the sculptural form and geometry found within nature and the environment, often referencing a range of 19th Century naturalist illustrative work. The outcomes focus on celebrating the intricacies and symmetry found in oceanic, botanical and cellular structures. 

Hand sculpting, casting and finishing allows for imperfections in the natural interpretation of the referenced existing forms. The work is immersive in its execution and contemplative in its outcomes.

Dot joined the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as a lecturer and course leader in BA Theatre Practice in 2007. She has several years of teaching experience at undergraduate level, and in communities in the UK and internationally. 

Dot’s Ethos

Dot’s work focusses as much on the intricacies and complexities of process and the archive of sculptural fabrication as it does on the final object.

She says, “I believe the processes involved in the production of objects are as important as the final outcomes, and as such, an archive of technical drawings, sketches, samples and moulds are often presented alongside the final product, so as to offer the viewer a more holistic understanding and engagement with the work”.

She terms her approach in her most recent work as ‘slow sculpting’, allowing whatever time is required to be taken, to become fully immersed and reflective. She believes that having this intense and intimate relationship with the work will be communicate in the outcomes. And I, for one, completely agree!


FEATURED PRODUCT – Resting Kenyan Sunbird – Hand Sculpted Relief Artwork

‘Resting Kenyan Sunbird’ is a meticulously hand sculpted, limited edition relief tile, that draws on ‘The Story of the Hummingbird’, written by the Kenyan 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist and founder of the Kenyan Green Belt movement.

The decorative artwork can be displayed anywhere within the home, in a range of contexts such as bathrooms, sitting areas and conservatories as well as in outdoor garden settings, as it is waterproof and robust enough to withstand all the seasonal elements.

It would also a wonderful gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and celebrations.

The artwork is 25 x 25x 1cm and has a discreet built in hanging recess to the rear allowing it to be hung easily and flush to the wall. It comes in an eco-friendly cardboard gift box, wrapped in delicate biodegradable moss green tissue, with a signed note, a decorative label, and is packed for safety with recycled light paper shred.

Do check out Dot’s other unique hand made products below.

Christine x

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