Eclectic is really culture rich so perfect if you describe yourself as a ‘citizen of the world’ who loves to have keepsakes from your travels around you. It is the perfect balance between old and new and doesn’t belong in any specific ‘time’.

Think of it as a high-energy collection of carefully selected pieces brought together to create a rich interior. But – tread the line carefully between layered and collected, and busy and distracting. Don’t just throw everything at it!

I use a neutral color palette as a backdrop (although that doesn’t just mean white!). Then select a few accent colors and pieces from different eras to bring in the worldly vibe you’re looking for. Use texture, aged finishes including mirrors and pieces that tell a story to create a unique home packed with personality.

If you have kids (or boisterous pets/friends!) then go for sturdier pieces and minimise trip hazards. Add interest with wall art and book cases. Keep an eye out for washable fabrics too! If you love entertaining, think about mood lighting and side tables for serving cheese, biscuits and wine glasses. Board games? Look for boxes, pots and cabinets that can hold the pieces. Like your own quiet space? Pick a spot and furnish it with cosy textiles and candles.

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