Full time artist Jessica Geach founded Ruby Cubes back in 2015 as a way to fully explore her lifelong passion for textiles.

Having always had an innate love for tactile objects, Jessica soon discovered that her greatest passion lay in creating 3D objects that were both tactile and purposeful. Her favourite material to work with is unbleached cotton rope. The way it is braided makes it so soft, tactile & fantastically strong, whilst still being wonderfully flexible. She is endlessly fascinated by the process of turning piles of braid into tactile, purposeful bags, baskets and homewares.

Jessica take the greatest pride her my work, because it encompasses her business, her art and her personal journey in textiles. Most of her inspiration is derived from the amazing diversity of my surrounding landscape.

Living in Dartmoor means that she is never far from breathtaking hilltops, or refreshing river walks. She is constantly pushing her own boundaries and playing with new materials and processes to inform her work. To be bold. To be artisan. To be based in design is her greatest luck. Jessica hopes the things she creates will in their turn, inspire others to follow their own creative paths.

Jessica’s Ethos

The rope Jessica work with is an unbleached cotton rope. In her own words, this is the best decision that she can currently make as an organic fairtrade version does not currently exist in the UK.

Unbleached means the cotton has not been through bleach vats, which are terrible for both the environment and the people who work in the cotton industry. Like our other makers, Jessica always strives to make the best choices she can as an artisan business both morally and environmentally. As of 2021 she has changed thread suppliers and now works with a fully organic cotton thread alongside the unbleached cotton rope. 

FEATURED PRODUCT – Foraging basket 

This sustainable foraging basket is made with soft unbleached cotton rope & beautiful organic cotton threads with plenty of space for long stems. A perfect gift for a gardener or outdoor explorer.

Jessica wanted to make something that she could use to easily gather foraged blooms from the hedgerows into on country walks. The ends are completely open, which allows stems of all sizes to be gathered easily and kept secure.

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