Picture this: it’s the end of year 2020, Lea and George’s baby, Louis, is 6 months old, life is getting back to normal (but not really). They haven’t seen their families in months due to the pandemic, and they are talking about what the future holds for them.

Louis & Co Maison was born that evening, with the aim to create a brand that encapsulates what they are about: the love of giving, hosting and enjoying life.

George is British, Sussex-born. Lea is French, from the French Riviera, born within a stone-throw from the ocean. And actually a stone’s throw from where I used to spend many summers with my family in Antibes.

Lea & George’s Ethos

George is inspired by simplicity, efficiency and uniqueness. Lea has a special gift for hand-crafted products, shopping local and bringing people together. It was their values and passion that drew me to them and made me invite them to join us here at KVIST Boutique. Oh, and their gorgeous products – of course!

Water is their element and fire is their drive! The Louis & Co Maison Luxury Scents Range is inspired by the sea, the French way of living, the British home decor and a general love for fragrances.

Through their new enterprise, this amazing duo have found a new love in making, stirring, labelling, lighting and presenting their candles to the world. I am sure their products will bring you as much joy and comfort as they have me.

Inspired by the French Riviera Made in Hampshire 


FEATURED PRODUCT – Figue Noire Candle

This is the first candle I bought from Lea and George. I remember unboxing it and being so surprised and impressed by the actual product. The diamond shaped matte black (hand-blown!) jar is much bigger than I expected (so rare these days!), felt gorgeous and is such a beautiful shape. It exuded quality and care from the moment I opened the box until long after it was lit.

The hand poured 40cl Soy Wax Candle has a whopping 65h+ burn time. I also love the crackle sound the wood wick makes which is really unusual.

Top Notes: Liquorice, Green leaf, Zesty Citrus Fruits
Heart Notes: Coconut, Cedar, Violet
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Tonka, Amber
Rich and earthy, Figue Noire (translates to Black Fig) takes you on a journey across Mediterranean’s fig tree fields. A luxury scent, elegant, delicate, and sophisticated, it makes for the perfect present (for yourself too!).

All of Lea and George’s candles are hand poured ten minutes down the road from me in Winchester (Hampshire) and inspired by Antibes (French Riviera).

Do check out their other unique hand made products below.

Christine x

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