I met Manuela through a local pop up art and craft boutique. She has recently graduated from UCA Farnham with an MA  in Jewellery and I was immediately drawn to her glass bowls and decorative items, which are really unique.

Manuela’s inspiration comes from the early symptoms of Macular Degeneration. People with this sight deficiency can experience warped lines and movement, like an optical illusion. She has participated in multiple exhibitions with her large scale sculptures and immersive work, and I am delighted to be able to offer some of her domestic scale pieces through our collection.

Manuela’s Ethos

Manuela has researched optical illusions, op art and artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. Looking at the physical reactions of the body when confused by a visual distorted message led Manuela to feel the need to create experiences that involve both the body and the mind of the spectator.

The outcomes are fully immersive installations made from metal and glass. She fills the space in between, and with that the viewer becomes a participator.

Images of Manuela’s other sculptural work


FEATURED PRODUCT – Just Lines – Black & White #2

The Just Lines plates are a result of Manuela’s continuous study and research of patterns and lines creating a visual disturbance similar to the physical effects of optical illusions and symptoms of Macular Degeneration.

During the uneasy and worrying time of lockdown, Manuela discovered a new skill; a new way of drawing. The Just Lines series is based and inspired by these drawings.

Manuela gets really absorbed into these drawings and time becomes non-existent. She finds her inner calm and gets really absorbed. Somehow it is of therapeutic nature, relaxing and she enters an almost meditative state.

She sets out the grid and plans it all out, but she is always surprised at the depth when the work is finally finished.

This stunning dish makes a beautiful decorative piece for a coffee table or hallway. It is also foodsafe so suitable for serving.

26 x 26cm

Do check out Manuela’s other unique hand made products below.

Christine x

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