Heelan Coo


These stylised highland cows are hand carved from Scottish hardwood.

The maker, Tom, loves trying to simplify images in nature to their base recognisable features. With Heelan coo he wanted capture their majestic curves whilst reflecting their wild landscape in the Scottish highlands.

To do this he has kept the tool marks and not treated the wood giving a natrual rawness.

Large 37cm tall (approx).
Medium 25cm tall (approx).
Small 12cm tall (approx).

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)

Ready to ship in 3-4 weeks


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In 2010 a job brought Tom to the Scottish Highlands working with the forestry commission where he fell in love with the Cairngorms. One of the defining features in this area are the clean white stems of the Birch trees, and it is with these trees he has his closest connection with carving. He uses the wood for making various kitchen utensils although his main passion is making drinking vessels.

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