Rustic / Modern farmhouse


This is the perfect style for those who value family and togetherness. Big tables, bench seats and hug-me sofas with room for the dog. Big wooden beds with fresh linen that you can sleep deeply in. Kitchens with space for cooking for 30 at Christmas.

Rustic farmhouse style to me is the design equivalent of comfort food, like a freshly baked apple pie with warm vanilla custard. It’s just so honest. It’s not perfectly formed. It’s functional but also hearty and wholesome. You can’t help but feel at home and want to put your feet up. It’s weathered but made to last.

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is a bit more simple and clean, but retains it’s character and sense of welcome. Think wide plank floors, metal ironmongery, open plan living and sleek lighting.

Add a piece of chunky hand made soap to your guest ensuite. A rustic vase and a deep pile rug to sink your tired feet into after a long day out in the fields!

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